Frequently Asked Questions - general

Exactly what is QtTrader?

A virtual currency exchange which is used through a locally installed client software. This architecture is standard on the forex market since it offers higher security, lower latency and more features for the professional trader.

How do I start using Qt Trader?

1. Download and install Qt Trader via the download link in your invitation mail. The installation program will guide you through the onboarding process.

2. Deposit funds from your bitcoin or litecoin wallet or from another exchange.

3. Start trading with small amounts and increase your stakes only you see that your strategy works consistently. If you have any problem, mail us or join us on Telegram (links in footer).

As a professional-, algo- or HF trader or institution, what does QtTrader do for me?


* User profiles with limited rights to the same account. Investment managers with with junior traders and bookkeeping personell can give each user profile the access rights needed.

* High-resolution charts for price/volume and depth/spread.

* All systems, from client software to exchange engine are optimized for speed.

* Widely customizeable. Our convenient client-server architecture gives us the chance to simplify your workday. You can adapt your workspace to see only the information that is important to you. Intelligent buy/sell panes eliminate many of the calculations that you would have to do on the side when trading with other systems. Last but not least, the client/service architecture significantly reduces that attack vectors and so increases your security, compared to web-based solutions.


* HF traders are dependent on low latency which is Centrabits first design priority. QtTrader is probably the fastest exchange on earth. However, our all-new script language is not included in this first version since we are still working on it. Also, our co-hosting solution to further reduce latency, is not yet implemented. This means that HF traders cannot explore the full potential of QtTrader just yet. In the first beta-test we will only have bitcoin and litecoin activated, in the second test there will be more pairs, maybe even fiat transfers or stablecoins.

* Qt Trader Connector, which will let users of Qt Bitcoin Trader run their trading scripts on Qt Trader.

* Arbitrageurs can simplify their routines bu using a single interface to several exchanges. To start with, however, only our own exchange will be reachable through the client software. Until other exchanges are integrated, you can use our open-source client Qt Bitcoin Trader to work on one or more of nine external exchanges.

Who are behind QtTrader?

Qt Trader is a trademark of Centrabit AG, which is a Croatian company with 200 000 HRK share capital and no external debt.

The company’s CTO, Ighor July, is a Ukrainan developer and entrepeneur. Mr. July has several profitable IT-projects behind him. In the bitcoin space, Mr. July is a well-known personality. Qt Bitcoin Trader, developed and maintained by Mr. July and his team, is used by professional and semi-professional crypto traders worldwide. Qt Bitcoin Trader has approx. 40 000 users and is maintained by Centrabit.

The company's CEO, Carl Lundström, is a Swedish economist and entrepeneur. He has decades of hands-on experience from building successful IT companies from the ground up. In 1998, Mr. Lundström founded Rix Telecom AB, one of Sweden’s few, if not the only, financially successful private fixed-line telecom operator. The customer base amounted to more than 50 000 households and small businesses. When divested in 2008, the company had 43 employees and a turnover of 30 MCHF/year mostly from its four datacenters. Mr. Lundström has founded and divested several other industrial projects. None of his companies has ever failed to meet its obligations.

Centrabit AG is working out of offices in Zagreb, Croatia.

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