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Qt Bitcoin Trader becomes Qt Trader

The purpose of the all-new exchange Qt Trader is to bring the speed, security and features of forex trading to the virtual currency sector. We started by omitting the web interface. The UI of Qt Trader is a flexible native application, based on our popular trading client Qt Bitcoin Trader. On the server side it is connected to our own exchange engine. It is written in C++ and optimized for maximum TPS (transactions per second). The order book on your screen is the actual one, not history from seconds ago. We intend to be the obvious choice for institutional traders migrating to crypto from the conventional currency markets.

Minimal attack vectors

Qt Trader is built end-to-end by the founders, without outsourcing. The architecture ensures that each network component and each human operator can only access the data necessary for the job. Servers are backed up continuously in different countries. Non-reliance on the www reduces exposure. This website is only informative, downloads go by invite. In addition to conventional installation, Qt Trader can run in portable mode from a USB stick. It has versions for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Developments in pipeline

For performance and security, we are building a new, powerful version of our script language. We have decided to launch the exchange without script language until the new one is ready. Users of Qt Bitcoin Trader can connect and run their old scripts on the exchange via a special add-on (please contact support). Several other improvements and new, unique features are under preparation in our development lab in Zagreb. Please contact support to subscribe to our news feed.

Easy to learn

You can pull panes to where you want them on your desktop. You can display only the information you want to see. Enter orders manually to begin with, get familiar with the system in time before we present the new script language. The UI of Qt Trader resembles that of Qt Bitcoin Trader with 40 000 users all across the world. If you don't want to trouble our support there are plenty of friends in our bitcointalk forums here and here, happy to share advice.

Sign up for beta

Centrabit doo, Zagreb, invites all users of Qt Bitcoin Trader to test Qt Trader. If you want to take part, give your name and e-mail below. And please write what O/S you want to use and if you want a portable or conventional install. Note: This is the first public test of the new exchange Qt Trader, which has not yet been launched. Only 20 testers will be allowed to enter at this phase. Due to this low number you will be trading partly against each other but mostly against a script on Centrabits market-maker account.